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PC Link AVI Interface (for Windows 95/98/NT)

  1. What is the PC Link AVI Interface?
  2. What I need to run this application?
  3. Installation
  4. How can I use PC Link AVI Interface?
  5. How can I use PC Link AVI Interface with PC-LINK and Casablanca?
  6. How can I buy PC Link AVI Interface?
  7. How can I get technical support for this application?
  8. How can I download the PC Link AVI Interface?
  9. Pre-release bugs
  10. Legal Copyrights and Trademarks

What is the PC Link AVI Interface?

PC Link AVI Interface is an application which helps PC-LINK users to convert AVI Files from PC to Casablanca. This is just a small application in R.A.D. Delphi 32 bit Environment.

Sure, this application can be used whitout PC Link for converting AVI files into JPEG file sequences animations, but I developed this application mainly to use with Casablanca.

What I need to run this application?

PC Link AVI Interface can be used on any PC (IBM compatibles), running Windows 95, 98 or NT. In order to run this application corectly, you must have at least:

Sure, if you want to send AVIs to Casablanca you will need:


The installation of PC Link AVI Interface is simple. This application is standalone EXE file whitout any DLL or other files. Just download this EXE file on your PC and create a Shortcut to this executable.

If you download the ZIP file just unpack the contents to one arbitrary folder (e.g. c:\apps\avi2jpg\) and run the executable.

How can I use PC Link AVI Interface?

PC-LINK AVI Interface (formerly known as AVI2JPG) can be used to convert AVI Files to JPEG numbered frames. Sure many applications can do this (e.g. Premiere, Ulead Media Studio, etc.) and maybe PC-LINK in future, but this application is free, at no charge and is available now, at this time!

The application has just two important windows.

  1. Main Window - where you can select, preview and convert AVI Files.
  2. Config Window - where you can config various applications settings (e.g. Output settings).

Here we have some snapshots from AVI Interface application.

The Main Window helps you to select, preview and convert AVI Files.

The Config Window helps you to modify JPEG Settings and Output resolution of JPEG frames.

Here is a example of using AVI Interface with or whitout PC-LINK

Step 1. Open the AVI2JPG application
Step 2. Select AVI File directory clicking on right button (...) of AVI Files Dir Inputline
Step 3. Select Output directory clicking on right button (...) of Frame(s) Dir Inputline where the JPEG frames will be stored.
Note for PC-LINK users: This directory must match the directory selected in PC-LINK application when exporting picture sequences
Step 4. Click on AVI File in AVI Files section to open AVI file for Preview. The AVI file will be prepared for conversion
Step 5. Select an contiguous segment of frames moving the TrackBar and using Mark In and Mark Out buttons. Only selected segment will be converted. The default setting for AVI Segment selection is ALL (from 1st frame to last).
Step 6. Press Config button to Set-Up the options and size of future saved JPEG frames.
Step 7. Close the Output Settings Window and chose the numbering method. You can convert the selected segment (Inverse Selection NOT Checked) or you can convert all frames out selection (Inverse Selection Checked). Also you can tell the program to start numbering from Zero or One (Zero Numbering CheckButton)
Step 8. Press Convert button to start conversion. The Conversion is idle, so you can STOP or Go to other applications leaving the program to work in Background.

Next Steps are for PC-LINK users only...
Step 9. Run PC-LINK on Casablanca and PC to establish connection.
Step 10. Select FIle->Export->Picture Sequence option in Main Menu of PC-LINK application. An FileOpen Dialog will be opened
Step 11. Select the directory where you have JPEG Frames (maybe AVI2JPG application still puts frames here) and click on one frame.
Step 12. Select Open button. The PC-Link will start to send all frames exported by AVI2JPG program. If the JPEG conversion is to slow in AVI2JPG (on very slow machines) the PC-Link will wait for frames (using WatchDog function).

How can I use PC Link AVI Interface with PC-LINK and Casablanca?

After you chose the AVI file which you want to convert plus target directory, press Convert button to start conversion. When the conversion is idle connect PC-LINK to Casablanca and choose Export Picture Sequence. Select the directory in PC-LINK application same as target directory and chose one numbered file. The PC-LINK will start to transfer frames to Casablanca. At the end, you will find the result of conversion as a scene ready to be used. Just look up at chapter "How can I use PC Link AVI Interface?" for more informations.

How can I buy PC Link AVI Interface?

The PC-LINK AVI Interface is Mailware. That mean that you can use this program for free, at no charge, if you send an e-mail at:

You can write here suggestions, greetings or whatever you want. I will read and will understand that my application need future versions and upgrades. Or maybe you can help me to make a good English Documentation (not like this ;-). 10$ or 5$ banknotes are accepted also by mail ;-).

Here is my postcard infos:

Codres Daniel
Leipziger Allee 28
76139 Karlsruhe

How can I download the PC Link AVI Interface?

Click here to download the Avi2Jpeg pre-release version 1.01

Pre-release bugs

Huh! I forget to implement Stretch function. Shame on, me! But, fortunately, PC-LINK can do this. So, you can leave PC-LINK to do stretching.

Legal Copyrights and trademarks

Casablanca and PC-LINK are trademarks of Macrosystem Germany
Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
JPEG file format is a trademark of Joint Photographic Experts Group

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