xIRC for Windows
by Codres Daniel

Download xIRC 1.0.9 for Windows 95,98 and NT

- What is?
- How does it work?
- The interface
- Installation
- Troubles bubbles
- Suggestions
- Credits

What is?!

xIRC is a Windows 95,98,NT chat client for Local Area Networks. xIRC gives to users the posibillity to chat quickly with virtually no configurations. Just simply start the program and talk.
Tip: You can put xIRC on Start Up menu to have the chat active when system boots up.
Also, you can send Text to users or send WinPopup NETSEND messages using Enhanced NETSEND plug-in [/NETSEND Command]

How does it work?

Application in Talk Mode
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Application in Listen Mode

The program starts in Talk mode. If you don't want to talk simply press the Hide button (or Ctrl-H) and the application will go to the task bar as a Tray Icon , waiting for personal or general chat messages.

Talk Mode
In this mode you can:
- Talk with all users - Select [All Users] bar, write a message and press Enter.
- Talk with a specific user - Select a specific user from Users List or clicking on Hyperlink, write a message and press Enter.
- See specific messages from a single user - All messages beginning with [From] are messages for you from a specific user.
- See messages posted to all users
- Receive text from users.

Listen Mode
- Self notifying messages - When a user send to you a personal message the talk window will be activated in Talk Mode. You can see the message and respond. After that, you can go back in Listen Mode pressing Hide.
- Public Messages - When a public message arrives the Tray Icon on task bar will blink. If you want to see the messages double-click on application Tray Icon and you will enter in Talk Mode.


Simply unZip the xIRC.ZIP in a directory or put unzziped xIRC.EXE in Windows directory. Add a shortcut to Desktop or put a shortcut in Start Up menu.

Troubles bubbles

Q: xIRC does not detect any user
A: There are no users logged or the application was started twice (this last will be corrected in a next version)

Fixed: Application cannot be started twice. [Build 1.0.9]

Q: The Windows does not want to Shut Down.
A: The xIRC application is still active. Double-Click on Tray Icon and click Quit

Q: A user does not want to talk with me
A: Maybe you bother him ;-)


Your suggestions and bugs are welcome at e-mail: danc@expert.ro.


- Iura, Buba and Tataee for bugs reports and moral support for build 1.0.6 to 1.0.9
- C.John Thompson and T. J. Sobotka for TMessenger and TTrayIcon components
- Delphi community around the world.
- Inprise [Borland] for fantastic Delphi VCL

This program is Freeware. There is no charge for using this program in NON-COMMERCIAL purposes.
1999 by Codres Daniel all rights reserved.