About Me
I’m a Romanian living in Germany since 2000.

Professional (unsorted)
software engineering, user interface design, usability, interaction, automotive, multimedia, project management, graphic design

Skills and interests (unsorted)
usability, interaction, graphic design, coding, multimedia, photography, photo processing, snorkeling, road cycling

Why GUI.Brush?

Took Guybrush, replaced Y with I and inserted a dot 🙂

“Guybrush Ulysses Threepwood is the main character of the Monkey Island series of computer adventure games by LucasArts. The origin of the name “Guybrush” comes from Deluxe Paint, the tool used by the artists to create the character sprite. Since the character had no name at this point, the file was simply called ‘Guy‘. When the file was saved, Deluxe Paint automatically appended the extension.brush‘; before the designers could think of a proper name they got used to referring to ‘Guy.brush‘ when talking about the sprite and decided to use it as the protagonist’s actual name.[1] “Threepwood” was the name of Dave Grossman‘s RPG character and was picked through voting…” more on Wikipedia.

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