Since 1997, I’ve developed and posted on Internet several free software applications. The biggest success was registered by Video2Photo which was downloaded over 70.000 times. Articles about Video2Photo were published in many PC magazines around the world, including German Chip, and c’t. The TechTV channel located in San Francisco did broadcast a 10 minutes highlight on Video2Photo on FreeFile.


Here is the list of my personal software projects:

  • xIRC [circa 1997]
    xIRC is a Windows 95,98,NT chat client for Local Area Networks. xIRC gives to users the possibility to chat quickly with virtually no configurations. Just simply start the program and talk. Also, you can send Text to users or send WinPopup NETSEND messages using Enhanced NETSEND plug-in [/NETSEND Command]
  • NetFileSend [circa 1999]
    NetFileSend is a light peer to peer chat client targeted on usability. NetFileSend can be used inside companies (at work) for chat/file change between the members of the network.
  • ezWebTranslator [circa 2001]
    Is a desktop solution for the on-line translation services. With ezWebTranslator full phrases can be translated between many languages.
  • AVI2JPEG [circa 1998]
    PC Link AVI Interface is an application which helps PC-LINK users to convert AVI Files from PC to Casablanca. This is just a small application in R.A.D. Delphi 32 bit Environment. Sure, this application can be used without PC Link for converting AVI files into JPEG file sequences animations, but I developed this application mainly to use with Casablanca.
  • Video2Photo [circa 2003]
    Video2Photo can capture individual frames from a video source, such as a DV camcorder, Web cam, or from a local video file (AVI, DivX or MPEG). You can play the movie from within the application and easily select individual frames or sections to be extracted. In addition, you can choose to apply a variety of effects or processing options to all or selected frames, including color corrections, cropping, old photo effect, and more. The result can be exported as HTML thumbnail gallery, Flash file (SWF), AVI movie, or individual image files. The interface is easy to use, even for non-technical users, and uses a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the process.
  • With PC Read Cam you can spy the area behind your back. No more problems when navigating the web ;-). Your automatic BOSS Key.

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