Change Scale Factor to get more pixels on your Mac

For you guys (me included) wanting better resolution on your 1024×600 netbook (Eeepc, MSI Wind, etc.)

Here is a cool tip from troniu.

Start Terminal and type:

defaults write -g AppleDisplayScaleFactor 0.8

killall Finder

And you got 20% more pixels ­čśë

For Free!

More details here.

Problems that I found on EeePC 1000h:

  • Safari doesn’t open anymore
  • PhotoBoth effects page 2,3,4 shows shifted
  • Context menu on dock icons shifted up
  • OS tray bar icons not scalled correctly
  • It seems there is a conflict with SwitchResX application and is not possible to rollback after a reset. It only worked after I uninstalled SwitcResX

My recomandation is to use this per application, since there are some big problems when downscaling the entire desktop.

To do that, just type in terminal the following command:

defaults write com.applicationpath AppleDisplayScaleFactor 0.8


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  1. the design of the MSI Wind is similar to the basic netbooks you can find around. the price point of this netbook is cheaper than acer or dell netbooks `

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