Sandberg Wireless Multimedia Touchpad Keyboard for HTPC

sandbergFor my Acer Aspire Revo HTPC I look around to get a decent Wireless Multimedia keyboard, that includes the functionality of a Mouse or Touchpad and doesn’t cost half the price of the Revo ­čśë

My requirements:
– Small
– trackball/touchpad included
– Light
– Wireless (no bluetooth)
– ergonomic for drag and drop
– a price tag bellow 50 Euro

After searching around I found the Sandberg’s Wireless Touchpad Keyboard from Jakob Elektronik for 44 Euro.

After using it for two days I’m pretty satisfied.

The precision of the touch pad is good as is the navigation. I can navigate with the right thumb and use the left thumb for drag and drop operations. The touch pad supports single click, double click and two finger (multi touch) for scroll.

If you have a HTPC on your LCD/Plasma TV, in the living room this keyboard is pretty good. You can navigate the web, write emails, chat, watch movies, photos, record dvd’s, etc. right from the sofa. You don’t need any surface to use navigate your PC. Being so light you can even keep it in one hand and type with another.

The only annoying thing, I’ve observed so far. It doesn’t look very solid even if Sandberg offers 5 years warranty.

So, don’t forget it on sofa and stay on it later.

It may bend and break ­čśë

Update! I found a small problem with the touchpad. It seems that the touchpad is tricked by watter or dirt. So… If you have problems with the touchpad just clean it a little.

PS: I’m not affiliated with Sandberg or Jacob Elektronik. I simply like this piece of hardware and I just wanted to share my experience with you.


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