A Day with the Past

A Day With the Past Today I took 24 shots with the Minolta SRT-101 a camera designed in sixties.

– First. I’m not sure the camera is working at all. I got it from fleamarkt yesterday for 25 euros. To spend one hour in photo shotting w/o being sure that will take at least one shot. For a digital photographer that’s inimaginable ;-).

– With the lenses attached, It is heavy, Damn heavy. The grip is veerey bad. Putting the two together and adding “no optical stabilization” I would be happy if any of the shots taken with 135mm x2 and x3 will be sharp enough, even was pretty sunny today.

– When you press the shutter, there are big chances that you move the camera.

– It is not so easy to focus on 135mm. With the 58mm is better though.

– You think 10 times before you take a shot. I spent 15 minutes to try to focus a bee in a tree with 135mm and the 2x Tube attached. I took 2 shots and I’m not sure if I succeeded.

My recommendation for digital photographers wannabes.

They should pick such a camera at least one time and try to do some shots with it.

They will most likelly reconsider the digital photo shotting.


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