Booting XP and Mac OSX86 togheter [howto]

I’m assuming that you installed Windows XP on 1st disk and the OSX86 on a separate disk (2nd disk)

Here we go…

Getting the chain0 file from your OSX86
– Put a memory stick in the PC and boot OSX86
– In OSX86 start terminal and type:

cp /usr/standalone/i386/chain0 /Volumes/[MemoryStickName]/

chain0 is a 512 bytes file containing the Darwin boot sector

Placing the chain0 file to the root of your XP boot partition
– Reboot to Windows XP
– Be sure to copy the chain0 file from the memory stick to root of the Windows XP boot partition (usually C:\)

Editing boot.ini file
– Click-Right on My Computer, then Properties, Advanced, Start Up and Recovery and then Settings
– In the Startup and Recovery page, press the Edit button
– Add the following line to the boot.ini
C:\chain0="Mac OS X"
– Save boot.ini and reboot

On the boot screen you should have another option to boot OSX. Select it and press Enter.

The PC should boot OSX86.


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