flickr gupr – upload photos to flickr, send to groups


Flickr Gupr is my new experimental project. It behaves almost like Flickr Uploadr:
– Edit the Title, Description, Tags, Security Level, etc. off-line and submit them with the photo
– Group Edit of all these properties (e.g. select desired photos and edit specific properties)
– Batch Upload

There are some extra nifty features:
– You can create packs of groups and manage them off-line. When you want to send the photo, gupr will automatically send that photo to all selected groups
– When uploading the photo, you can post a comment (most likely the First Post on the photo thread)
– You can add a watermark to your photo by just typing it in

Planned features:
– You can update an existing photo
– You can schedule the upload at a specific hour
– Add tags from the tag clouds (tag manager)
– Custom signatures in the description and 1st comment area
– Basic Image processing (crop, straighten, rotate, down/re sample)
– …

This is an early functional beta. You can download it and you are free to use it.
You will need .NET 2.0. Feel free to comment.

Download Flickr Gupr [beta]


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