Motion Sensor

I’ve been adding to the Talking Pixels application a real-time motion detection algorithm.
You add an area, you set the motion sensor sensibility and then you assign a script. Here are some examples with basic midi commands.




  1. Pretty cool. I could see this being used as buttons that changed based on application. For example I use PS alot and if you use a tablet you have to set the stylus down so you can do things that require hotkeys. I would love to be able to bind your (mints?) to be copy and the one next to it be paste.

    Just a thought, Keep it up!

  2. Your idea is interesting. You can print a paper with some “virtual” buttons, place it near the tablet, point the webcam to it, assign motion areas to them and bind global keyboard shortcuts to them.

  3. repetitive motion can cause carpal lmao

  4. Motion sensors are very helpful when you wish to check movement in a particular area, infrared motion sensors are usually the best. *~ medical

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