Using a PC Keyboard on Mac using Synergy

When using a PC Keyboard on a Mac the most annoying thing is that the Control Key is Swapped with the Windows Key.
Synergy gives the possibility to swap these keys back so that the usage of Ctrl+Key on Mac becomes similar with the usage on PC.

What you need to do? Just double click the Mac monitor in Synergy and assign Meta to the Ctrl modifier and Ctrl to the Meta modifier (see picture) and then restart the server and reconnect the client.



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C# WebSocket Server with basic Command Interpreter

You can use Fleck to create a WebSocket server in C#. Here‘s a VS2012 solution.

The you can use this jsFiddle to run the client.

To learn the Client Side read this article.

You can even test this on a mobile device here

For running on mobile you need to put you mobile device in the same WiFi network as the server then change the socket address in the client from localhost to whatever IP the server has.

Have fun!

PS: Mobile test requires jsFiddle account.